CITY (The Finale Trilogy Book 1) Jesse Hand Conroy


Published: October 11th 2012

Kindle Edition

687 pages


CITY (The Finale Trilogy Book 1)  by  Jesse Hand Conroy

CITY (The Finale Trilogy Book 1) by Jesse Hand Conroy
October 11th 2012 | Kindle Edition | PDF, EPUB, FB2, DjVu, talking book, mp3, ZIP | 687 pages | ISBN: | 6.40 Mb

A sprawling three volume epic for the end of the Age. Part political thriller- part science fiction thriller- part religious thriller- all Conspiracy Thriller. Because its not a Conspiracy if its true.The end of this Age is upon us. The signs are everywhere and in everything. But no one knows how to define it because we do not want to face it. Does the end of an Age mean the end of the World? Religious writers, researchers, philosophers and commentators have debated this terrifying event for centuries with no clear consensus. But the truth is out there. The facts are are available.

And the curtain has gone up on this final act. The history of Man has arrived at its final chapter.Lieutenant Jack MacKenzie of Denver Police Major Crimes Unit and his hand selected crew are overwhelmed with crimes that seem to be connected. But how is the mystery. When a computer virus suddenly catastrophically corrupts all the networks across the world secrets come spilling out for anyone to read.

As the worlds secrets become visible corruptors begin eliminating their corrupted. Planes fall out of the sky. Car crashes take out prominent figures. The world economy begins to tremble. Markets gyrate as cover ups begin and no one can stop the virus.

It has a mind of its own and cannot be stopped, even when pulling the power plug.But behind these events is another greater event too monstrous for most to even conceive. Connected to events people can see. World events are threatening mankind but this second layer is dimensional, out of sight but no less real. A race so old and so evil humans lack a vocabulary to describe it.

The end of this Age hinges on a terrifying dimensional intrusion and awakening of the old gods. A war in Heaven, at best poorly described in ancient texts has spilled over onto Earth and Man is part of the score that will be settled once and for all.Jesse Hand Conroy and Don Diego Baptist Diaz reached back into ancient manuscripts brought forward into contemporary understanding and connected these events and prophecies to the modern era and its secrets and mysteries. For always, there seems to be an unseen hand behind the affairs of Man. In the Finale Trilogy they reveal whats happening in our dimension and beyond.

And the glory even now coming to pass.

Enter the sum

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