The Renegade Hunters Scott Dingley


Published: March 16th 2012

Kindle Edition

120 pages


The Renegade Hunters  by  Scott Dingley

The Renegade Hunters by Scott Dingley
March 16th 2012 | Kindle Edition | PDF, EPUB, FB2, DjVu, AUDIO, mp3, RTF | 120 pages | ISBN: | 6.44 Mb

The other Redlegs called him ‘Blaze’ and with soldierly straightforwardness the name stuck. That was during the war. He’d been called a hero back then too, by less shoot-from-the-shoulder kind of men. Now though, Captain Blaze Bridges is all washed-up, a soldier not of duty or honour but mere fortune, brooding in the steamy shadows of the Deep South over a vendetta with the turncoat Kingdom Byrne.Byrne, the former brother-in-arms who took everything from him, wife and child included, now rumoured to be leading an insane and bloody rebellion in Indian country, farther from the path than even Blaze ever strayed—gone native.So when Blaze is hired by a wealthy cattle baron to escort his wayward daughter Marietta out West, straight into Byrne’s hunting ground, his luck seems on the turn.

Until, that is, a notorious Mississippi river pirate and his band make a bloodbath of the grand steamer Iron Mountain and Blaze’s simple bodyguard task blows up into a military rescue mission...Hitting the trail with a half-Chinese, half-Chickasaw tracker, Blaze the renegade hunter confronts the ghosts of his past. Can he settle old scores, and an insurgency, in an epic mountain duel with his nemesis? Or will the greed of a ruthless Deputy U.S. Marshal searching for a legendary Confederate gold mine thwart him? Revenge is the burning fuse and its results are explosive!

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