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Living in Between Worlds  by  Connie Davidson

Living in Between Worlds by Connie Davidson
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A fiction novel about the life of a medium from birth through adulthood.The story takes place mainly in Southern California. Magda has a typical suburban life on the outside. She has a husband and children, and another life among the spirits of the earth. Growing up was not easy, and she struggled to achieve an average life. She grew up in a haunted house with a demonic entity and his victims. She went to many famous California landmarks, always cautious of who was at these locations. As she got older, she had many opportunities to visit the rest of the United States.

Who did she meet? Was she a magnet for demonic and negative entities? What was it like being surrounded by the dead, and unable to go anywhere without an encounter?Famous tourist attractions in California had a spirit life of their own. The dark nights of Los Angeles would never be the same. Working at the most haunted place in California became a place of learning, especially when it came to its own struggle between spirits of the light and dark. In her efforts to help spirits wanting release, she kicked the hornet nests of other demonic and negative entities.She met a kindred soul, and many others who would stay with her for decades.

When she started living on her own, she started using her abilities as a medium to help others with an interest in the paranormal. Knowing she was marked by the demon of her childhood home, she was always looking over her shoulders. She never stopped honing her abilities, and keep the upper-hand in any situation. When she saw her own abilities in her children, she passed her methods and disciplines on to them. There was no time to wonder if they would be at risk like herself. Striking a balance between everyday living, and connecting with the dead has its challenges.

Somehow, Madga finds resolve in being marked, but refusing to live in fear.

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